[s-cars] Stripped hex head on Koni Strut! Any help?

Brian Armstead barmstea at IBB.GOV
Tue May 16 09:29:46 EDT 2006

You may also try one of the special removal tools available at Sears. 
They have agressive treads that should bite into the hole.


Peter Schulz wrote:
> John:
> You could try a torx head socket and have the flutes dig into what
> remains of the flats on the inside of the strut shaft.
> you will probably have to tap it in with a hammer....
> Caveat, this may /may not work, and I would be concerned about
> further damaging the strut shaft.
> That said,  a machine shop _might_ be able to do something, but
> reality is that purchasing a used or new strut will be less expensive
> than the shop time....
> -Peter
> At 09:06 AM 5/16/2006, jpb3 wrote:
> >All,
> >Unfortunately the hex portion on top of the Koni strut has been pretty much
> >stripped away and I need to hold it so I can R&R the 2B spherical bearing.
> >I was using a 6mm Craftsman hex socket, the same used to install the
> >suspension system initially but it seems as though the metal used in the
> >strut is pretty soft.  I started rounding it out when I tried to tighten it
> >up to see if it cured the noise, it turns out that 2B just sent me a new
> >bearing assembly b/c that did not work.  I stopped tightening it as soon as
> >it started slipping but when I went to loosen it it was already too late and
> >the hard metal of the socket just chewed through the strut.
> >
> >I do not want to purchase a new strut(or 2) so does anyone have a suggestion
> >on how I can hold this thing in both directions? ( ie...loosening and
> >tightening) I have visited Sears tool dept and most extractors only "bite"
> >to remove such a problem and do not grip for the tightening portion.  I have
> >considered welding a nut on top of the strut but forsee problems with that
> >solution as I only have a stick welder and it's not too precise!  Gripping
> >the shaft of the strut seems improbable as it would lead to a scored strut
> >and seal failure I would think.  Any suggestions out there?  TIA
> >
> >John B
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