[s-cars] Rebuilding turbos

Mark Strangways Strangconst at rogers.com
Tue May 16 18:37:39 EDT 2006

I built the turbo back before S//Fest 03, that was it's first unvailing (I 
think it was 03, maybe 04).
I drive it hard, it's got a few good track days, a number of dyno pulls, and 
a number of highway drags. It pulls hard enough to kill my 6-month old stage 
2+ Spec clutch set-up when on a mixture of 94 and toluene.

It's a good set-up, but does not pull till 3500 or so.
I recommend the GT3071 or even the GT28 series.. Unless you what a heavy 
hitting turbo.

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How long have you been running this guy, and how hard?  Where did you get 

I was looking at the RS2 replica at 034Motorsports, for comparison.

Possibly with the 3" inlet, but then we're in the $1.2-1.3k range
after all that, and a GT turbo kit isn't all that far away.

That TX place with the stock unit and some upgraded internals sounds
better and better.

On 5/16/06, Mark Strangways <Strangconst at rogers.com> wrote:
> I am running a GT30R on a stock exhaust at a conservation 345 HP (at the
> wheels).
> All seems fine, I am going to switch to a header soon, I will dyno before
> and after.
> We will see just how bad the stock em is.

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