[s-cars] Time for fans and horns

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Thu May 18 10:09:36 EDT 2006


It's inevitable now that within a week I'll be turning on the A/C fan surely
need to replace it, soooo.

Since I last I looked, there were quite a number of manufacturers of this
whirligig, but is there a preference?

I'd pay another 30 bucks to get a good one, so is it a stealer item then?
Recommended vendor/s?


Also; since last week for about three miles I was stuck behind a Buick,
right lane, and a siding truck, left lane, I am thinking the infamous Steble
horn is no longer sufficient.

Both these vehicles moved along at barely the speed limit oblivious to the
world.  For special situations like this I thought a quick toot of a
locomotive horn could make difference.  You know, something with a red
safety switch that is locked and loaded to provide a heads up for the folks

Maybe just a boat horn in the grill with a long cable? 


Side note

For many years I could not understand how someone in the left land could
just travel in tandem with the car next to it, when my wife of all people
explained that in their minds they ARE doing the speed limit and can settle
into whatever lane they want.  D'oh butofcourse! 

People are funny huh.

Bill~searching for Haperhorn~M

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