[s-cars] Window up not down. Now; answering my own question.

bill mahoney airbil at gmail.com
Sun May 21 21:52:20 EDT 2006

It's prolly a coupe n cabrio issue as these are the heavier windows to lift
but may apply to a failed window up n down on the S as well...
may be worth remembering, maybe not.
My cabrio drivers window would not go down.  On a cabrio this is not good as
you cannot catch any rays when the top will not go down.
I bought the 94 cabrio from FL about a year ago and, trust me, no rust on
the bottom is a sight to behold.  Like new.
The yang is that in additio to all the plastic shrinking,... everything
corrodes which was the case with my car.
First I thought it must be the window switch.  $30 later with a full set of
ebay S car driver switches to test it out... still no up n down.
(They weren't really correct anyway.)
I take motor out and apply 12V.  It clicks but doesnt move.
I' ll get a new one I think..  best price $217... Yikes!   I'll take it
apart and see whats what... nothing to loose.
Motors fine.  It was just 12 year old grease and corrosion.
Clean it and apply 12V and now it works.
Apply 12V via the car's window switch and to my amazement:  nothing again!
Okay now I'm going to the multimeter which of course shows zero.  Must be
the relay.  Find the window relay and figure that the FLAD (friendly local
audi dealer) is not open today and would have to order it and this is my day
to get this sucker going.
FWIW I open it up and examine the back of the circuit board like I am going
to see the problem.
And, holy cow there it is; a broken burned trace circuit for sure.
70 minutes later I have for the first time ever in my 'young' life have
literally micro soldered a wire to bridge the break and to  my utter
amazement it worked!
Note to self though;  it's about time to get a real and decent soldering
I am guessing that the corroded stiff motor blew the relay.  On repairs like
this, I always like to figure my dealer savings which I would estimate close
to  a G note as they may not want to mess with just a motor and goe for the
whole assembly.  Otherwise; has to be at least $500.
I did learn that the very thin, thread like solder that someone had given to
me worked way better than a radio shack thicker solder that I had "'in
Bill~this is not a Lexus~M

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