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James Murray (QA/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
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CPS = Cam Positioning Sensor otherwise known as the "Hall Sender". 


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What senders are these?

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For those on the waiting list, unfortunately I don't have the time to
organize another buy, and all the senders I originally ordered have been
claimed. If anyone would like to organize another group buy, I can
forward you the waiting list emails. The ordering contact info is:
CYHME301, is a replacement for the HKZ101 sender on our Cam Position
Sender bracket. The pricing for the HME301 senders are as follows:

Sensors USD / pc
1~4pcs $10.35
5~9pcs $9.32
10pcs $8.38
50 pcs $7.55
100 pcs $6.79

They have a standard S&H fee of $ 19.90 regardless of quantity.

Contact is:
Luciano Oliveira
BB Automacao - New York Office
http://www.bbautomacao.com <http://www.bbautomacao.com>
nyc at bbautomacao.com There is a phone number to contact Oliveira directly
on the bbautomacao homepage.

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