[s-cars] Need 1 Bolero

Young, Steve sryoung at trane.com
Wed May 24 16:04:52 EDT 2006


Try www.mobilewheelrepair.com.  I used a local guy (franchise) and he ended
up sending out the wheel to Chicago.  Took about a week or so, but the wheel
came back straight, and refinished.  Made the other three wheels look
crappy.  Good luck.


Steven Young
Local Operations Manager
Albany Office

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I have a bent and cracked Bolero wheel.  I had the crack repaired by a local
master welder but when I got it rebalanced it showed signs of being slightly
bent.  Does anyone have 1 good Bolero lying around by chance?  I know it's a
longshot but you never know!

John B
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