[s-cars] CPS GB #2 Update #3

Young, Steve sryoung at trane.com
Wed May 24 21:32:04 EDT 2006


We currently have 56 people participating, and a CPS count of 87!!  Only 13
more and we hit the next price break.

Paul K., I have included the additional CPS you ponied up.  Thanks for the
additional help.

If we hit 100 units, the unit price will drop to $6.79 before the additional
fees described in earlier updates.

I am trying to work out a way to eliminate the Paypal fees, and am trying to
pin down the shipping costs.

Unfortunately, our Canadian and Australian brethren will pay a shipping

Today was a slow day for additional participants.  If I believe we have
maxed out, I may choose to give a 24 hour last call and close the GB early.

I have been in contact with the supplier, and they can handle an order of
100 from stock on hand.

I will x-post to the UrS forum to spread the word to those who don't troll
this list.

I still need shipping addresses from the following:

Cyril Martin Murphy
Daniel Brook
Dave Cahill
Michael Cancellier
Michael Flynn
Paul Souza
Raphael Avila
Robert Caro
Varon Fugman

Please contact me off-list with addresses.

I will post again when necessary.


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