[s-cars] Vibration, Clunking and Torsen Differential

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Thu May 25 01:21:22 EDT 2006

I finally figured out the problem I was having with driveline vibration.

The *front* of the driveshaft, at the CV joint, was hitting the heat
shield. Under hard acceleration, the motor was tilting (up at the front,
down at the rear) and the driveshaft would just touch the heat shield
making a sound and transmitting it through the body.

I bent the heat shield down and its gone. I think the transmission
mounts that were installed 6 months ago are starting to fail allowing
more movement, the passenger side doesn't look good. The motor mounts
are new.

I still have a minor clunking when cycling on/off the throttle in 1st
and 2nd gear. But I'm attributing this to the play in the differential.
I can turn the input flange about 10 mm back and forth before it engages
the stub axles.

Two questions:

1. Is this amount of play typical on Torsen differentials (1990-92 V8)?
My 1997 S6 differential only has 1-2 mm of play.

2. Do transmission mounts fail this quickly? I've heard the S6 Plus
mounts are stronger - where is a good source for these now that
Europrice has changed focus?



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