[s-cars] Alignment shop in MD/DC/VA and Specs

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Thu May 25 10:14:10 EDT 2006

Brian wrote:
>I found a recommended shop, but they want $160 for a four wheel
>alignment.  Is this outrageous?  Any recs on a shop in the DC/VA/MD
Matt replied:
> I have (as has Manny I think) a great shop in Silver Spring called:
> Allen Automotive

Brian...$160 +/- a few dollars sounds about right for an alignment in the DC-metro area that's not done at one of the nationwide chains (i.e. NTB, MrTire, etc.).  
Allen Automotive is also recommended by Sam at Radial Tire.  They're a couple left turns away from Suni and around the corner from Radial.  Just make sure you get the guy that Suni and Sam recommend.  I took my urQ there a few years ago after getting new tires from Radial.  Whoever did the alignment didn't tighten the driver-side tie-rod.
Carl at the Auto Shop in Sterling (703-464-3650) also does good work.  He typically charges 2 hours labor.  He can corner balance as well.  He does a lot of pre-track event work for folks.  Tim at FunKtion Auto (703-544-0015) also in Sterling also has a lot of track and suspension tuning work.  Not sure what they charge for an alignment.
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