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Anyone ever order anything oversize from them - such as a bumper?
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I have dealt with VAG several times. Great guys (tell Martyn I sent you) and very knowledgeable. 
I use them for the euro-only stuff but always add a few standard items in when I make an order. 
Dave Kase 
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> >Seems a little far to go, but I use : 
> >_http://www.vagparts.com/_ (http://www.vagparts.com/) > >They are in the UK, but with shipping the price was really close to >EuroPrice, mainly on the Euro only stuff. Good customer service too. The guys on >the UK S2 forum, use them a lot. 
> >You have to remember that, once you have used up the existing market, some >move on. Very few stay to service the older cars. It is called making a >buck. Shame when that is what got you started. 
> >Greg W. 
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>Yes, this was a downer as Alex was an excellent source for "older" Audi 
>parts (e-spec), his customer service was second to none. 
>Can anyone recommend alternatives with similar customer service? 
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