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I've never tried Duracool, but I have used R406a, also known as Autofrost.  It seems to work just fine as a direct R12 replacement... no oil changes required, no hose retrofits, etc...  I'm going to put it in a '91 200TQ that I just got at a price that was too low to pass up, so I could provide more feedback soon.
The downside to 134 conversions is the fact that R12 and R134 have different temps at which phase change occurs.  This, combined with the fact that the R12 system is designed around the phase change properties of R12, results in typically marginal A/C performance on conversions.
These days, R12 is not at the premium it used to be... costing about $20/lb, compared to about $8/lb for R134a.  Considering these cars use a tad over 2 pounds... is it really worth it to convert a system to "save" $24, and have decreased performance?  Not to me.
Jerry... I know you're local.  If you are inclined to try the R406a, I have a cylinder of it, and could help you out with charging.
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Let me know what you learn on this.  I am also interested in a conversion.

Max Hoepli wrote:

>Hello all,
>Anyone had to convert air conditioning system to R-134a or Duracool?. 
Experiences thereof? Which one is better? As far as I know the type 44 used 
R-12. Anyone still running on original R-12? Had a conversion to R-134a last 
year. Everything still functioning well. I think car did not have air 
conditioning function for 10 years. Any comment as what compressor to use. 
Mechnic has informed me never had experience of changing the evaporator coil. He 
had to change the high pressure line to a garage made copper line.
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