[s-cars] Trouble with archive search...

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Tue May 30 17:21:39 EDT 2006

Eric Phillips wrote:
> Yahoo failed as well.  I'm curious as to what's going on here...
> Why shouldn't sub-site searching work???

I'm not real savy when talking about search engines, but what 
I "know" is that they don't actually search the site when you 
do your search -- they search a database of previously mined 
data, which is one reason they can return info so quickly 
(that, plus they have hundreds of servers scattered around 
the country/world).

In my example, "site:www.audifans.com" limits the search to that
information found on that web site (which would/should include
the archive); "s-cars-list" finds web pages (and email) that has
the phrase, so it finds email messages sent to the s-cars list.
And "turbo" finds messages with the word turbo in them.

You can use the + and - characters to include or exclude phrases.
By default, I think Google does an "or" (e.g., s-cars-list or
turbo), rather than an "and" (e.g., s-cars-list and turbo). They
more terms you add, the narrower your search; it may become too
narrow and return 0 results.

Try variations of these for your search:

site:www.audifans.com +"big red" +"parts" (249 hits)
site:www.audifans.com +"big red" +"parts list" (3 hits)
site:www.audifans.com +s-cars-list +"big red" +"parts list" (0 hits)
site:www.audifans.com +"993TT" +"Big Brake" (60 hits)
site:www.audifans.com +"993TT" +"Big Brake" +"parts" (29 hits)
site:www.audifans.com +"993TT Big Brake Kit" +"parts" (0 hits)

Kent McLean
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