[s-cars] Another door latch quirk

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Tue May 30 22:34:11 EDT 2006

Talk of door latch things brings me to ask about this one ...

My drivers door inside latch will not unlock the door correctly when the
'lock the doors' switch was used to lock everything.

When I pull the inside latch the first time, the door lock button goes up
like it should.   When I then pull it the second time to open the door
it stays pulled out, and does not unlatch the door.

To get it straightened out, I then need to use the rocker switch to lock
the doors agian, and then unlock them.  This lets the inside latch flip 
back into the door, so that when I pull it again it opens the door
just like it should.

I'm guessing something is broken inside the door.  When I take it apart,
what should I look for?  My guess is that whatever latch is broken will 
not be immediately obvious.

    - Charlie

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