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Tue May 30 12:02:15 EDT 2006

get the tranny out. Believe me, it would be a lot easier if you could leave
it in and not have to touch that nut.


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Now you got me scared as my clutch job happening this weekend.
Why did you need to undo that nut? I'm planning to leave this part of
exhaust. Or do I miss something?


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That nut is a definite problem. The Bentley solution is a 15 mm half-moon
wrench bent at a more acute angle. There's a drawing in the Bentley
somewhere. I looked it up after the trouble we had getting the nut off my S4
for the clutch job. I took the car to the dealer for the job as I didn't
fancy doing in under my carport in subzero weather and the dealer lets me
work on the car along with the tech. We used a flex end 15 mm socket, but
had to go through several manufacturers to find one that fit - I think maybe
we ended up with a Snap-off. It was a long "one click of the ratchet at a
time" to get the SOB off and on. The tech decided he hated working on UrS
cars after that experience - it's a good thing I have the only two in town
:). I'd say the Bentley suggestion would be the way to go.

Fred Munro
'94 S4
'97 S6

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