[s-cars] RS2 Caliper Bracket GB

David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Wed Nov 8 15:25:44 EST 2006

I emailed a guy that imports/exports quite a bit and he said it depends 
on the classification of the products.  Bearings are frowned upon as 
there are a lot of Asian companies trying to get their low cost bearings 
into the U.S.  Depending on how the seller writes out the customs form 
has a lot to do with how the items are classified.

Martyn has a decent amount of experience in this as well.  I will 
inquire as to his view on this.  In any case, going with VAG would only 
leave with a *chance* of the higher price.  A slim chance I believe.

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Ron Wainwright wrote:

> Ok so $140'ish shipped to a single destination from
>Vag....then as Dave mentioned the debocle on the TDIF
>site over the Rs2 hubs & wheel bearings they were
>charged like an additional $600!!
>So what are others experiences with tarrifs/additional
>taxes to get them here??? So just going by
>guesstamation from the TDIF thread it could be an
>additional $30...or who knows..so
>the question is....who wants to roll the dice & get
>them from Vag???& if there are extra costs will
>everyone poney up???...or will some back out????
>I could re-talk to Javad to see if he could kinda
>match the total price from Vag...what was it...say
>I don't know..what do you all who are interested
>think?? I as I stated I NEED these brackets.
> So I got a suggestion. People spout off who wants &
>I'll ask Javad again what his BEST price would be.
> Thanx
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