[s-cars] How low can I go? (numeric gear ratio)

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So, Steve, have you found someone that will build the tranny with a custom
gearset for less than the mortgage on small house?  I have always thought
that unless you are road racing the extra gear in the 6 speed was a waste,
so I would endorse this approach.  It doesn't take much HP to cruise at
70-80 mph, it might mean that if you want to pass you have to downshift but
that wouldn't seem like a big deal to me.

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I'm considering a 6-speed, but instead of the usual close ratio approach I'm
looking to gain a long legged cruiser out of that extra cog.  Our 5 (and 6)
speed cars turn 3400 RPM at 80 MPH (3000 at 70).  I'm thinking of a 6th gear
ratio that will drop this by 500 or 600 to ~2900 RPM at 80MPH.  I've
satisfied myself that with the stock turbo and MRC stage 2 chip that the car
will pull fine at 2900.  What if I go the RS2 route - will that set-up pull
well at 2900 (2500 at 70)?  Any/all comments welcomed - I want to place my
order but can't without hearing from y'all because I haven't yet driven an
RS2.  thanks!

Steve, seekin' a more relaxed touring car, Voit

Seattle 95.5 S6

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