[s-cars] Stuck Lug Bolts

Abe Berman yellowcuda at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 14:10:53 EDT 2006


On my "new to me" 96 A4 I've got a couple of lug bolts that are not
coming off either with impact wrench or breaker bar + cheater.  I have
soaked them in Kroil and PB Blaster as well.  Unfortunately, one of
the lug bolts is starting to strip now from my efforts.

My next thought after soaking repeatedly with Kroil over the next
couple of days is to try applying heat from a torch, but I am nervous
about the clear coat on the wheels.

Any suggestions out there??



93 S4
96 A4 that needs a rear brake job but first needs the wheels off!

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