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Wed Oct 4 23:52:29 EDT 2006

igor- have front premium mats and cargo liner by weathertech in s6 avant. 
seem to hold a decent amount of water/ don't slide around- would recommend- 
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Folks from the Snow Belt and especially the Canadians, I have a question
for you.

What do you put on the floor in the winter time? In Russia I used molded
rubber mats that had raised walls on the perimeter creating a bathtub of
sorts. Such a mat could hold quite a bit of snow and water w/o spilling.
I am looking for something similar for both the UrS6 and the Allroad.

Does anyone have any opinion about "The WeatherTech® Classic™ Premium
Rubber Floor Mats"?
Are they sturdy enough to resist rolling up forward like the cheap thin
mats do? Do they hold melting snow well enough? My concern is they are
not custom made for either of my cars.

The "FloorLiner™" looks very similar to the Russian made mats I
described above, but alas they are not available for either of my cars.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros
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