[s-cars] another dumb newbie S-car question...1995.5 door locking procedure

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Thu Oct 5 11:03:03 EDT 2006

To the best of my recollection (now that I have my RF remote

Using the key in the driver's door:

Turn clockwise once to lock only the driver's door (if it's closed, of

Turn clockwise twice to lock the car and arm the alarm.

Turn anti-clockwise once to unlock from either condition. If the alarm is
armed, this will dis-arm it.

Passenger's door is the same, but reverse the key direction.


On 10/5/06, Peter Schulz <pcschulz at comcast.net> wrote:
> Even though I have 12 years of audi experience with Type 89s and 44s,
> some of the "basics" are still new to me on this "new" chassis.
> How are the power locks _supposed_ to work on the 1995.5s?
> The Mrs took the S6 to work for the first time today and had ALOT of
> trouble figuring out how to lock the car using the key.
> I double checked the manual and it doesn't say whether to turn the
> key to the left or right.
> From what she told me, She closed the driver's door, tried to lock
> it and nothing happened. Then she opened the door and tried the
> central locking switch, again nothing...then she went around the car
> to each door and locked them manually.
> THEN she was able to lock the driver's door with the key....
> The central locking button on the inside of the driver's door seems
> so non German...;-)
> We purchased the car from a private seller and it came with one RF
> remote and two keys...we of course would like to get at least one
> duplicate...from a locksmith or is this dealer -only?  The RF remote
> needs batteries and I found the FAQ on the S-Cars.org website, so I
> know how to synchronize it.
> Thanks for any advice, excluding the Mrs bashing.
> ..those of you who have met my wife know that she can hold her own ;-)
> (she repacked a CV joint for me a week before our wedding...breaking
> a number of fingernails in the process, and didn't complain about it)
> -Peter
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