[s-cars] Cold start issue, brake fade

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 15:20:52 EDT 2006

--- Mark Rivera <mrivera at webcats.net> wrote:
> I flushed and bled the brakes last night, and while it firmed up the pedal a
> little, it's still softer than I'd like.  I'll probably invest in some
> braided lines soon.  I took the car for a spin after I was done, and tried
> some heavy braking from about 80-45mph.  After about 3-4 applications like
> that, the brakes were fading really bad.  My foot was almost to the floor, I
> was almost out of my seat standing on the pedal, and could not get the ABS
> to activate.  Matter of fact I've never had the ABS step in yet, and I
> haven't locked a wheel yet either.  I cruised for about 5 minutes to cool
> things down, tried again, and most of the braking had returned.  I know the
> brakes are sorta weak on these cars, but I didn't know it could be this bad.
> I don't wanna pony up for a caliper/rotor upgrade just yet, but would like
> some pad suggestions to replace what I think are stock pads with wear
> sensors.

mark, what kind of fade?  did the pedal soften and go lower?  or did
it stay firm, and just feel like higher effort?  the former suggests
brake fluid fade, the latter suggests pad fade.  you could also have
both.  did you use fresh brake fluid from a sealed container?

the stock brakes aren't very good, but braking 120-0 on a steep downhill
worked fine although the effort got noticeably higher (pad fade).


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