[s-cars] Gas smell when hard on throttle

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fuel tank is vented to charcaoal cannister, cannister is then vented to engine under certain conditions,IIRC, not @idle, @part throttle cruise , @full throttle- not sure?  with turbo pressure there is probably a one-way check valve incorporated somewhere tro prevent back flow

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Tom Green wrote:
> Dealer or worldimpex.com or similar online source that deals in some  
> genuine audi parts as well as OEM
> replacements.  It's one of the check valves (bleeder valves) that  
> control fumes to the charcoal canister.
> The parts in this system are typically outrageous in price  
> considering the minimal impact on emissions this
> little system can have.
> It would take some fuel resistant epoxy or the like to repair the  
> valve, and if it doesn't operate you may still
> have the fumes.  I assume the missing air-box was removed to access  
> the area and future work here will
> require removing it again each time.  You should consider any fuel  
> fumes you can smell as being concentrated
> enough to be dangerous, since you generally don't have any other  
> information to evaluate.
> Tom
>>> On 10/17/06, Alvin Labonite <alabonite at gmail.com> wrote:
>> It looks like I found the source of the smell. Any idea what this  
>> is and
>> where to get this part?
>> http://forums.audiworld.com/s4s6/msgs/139763.phtml
>>> it's definitely noticeable/smellable :) inside the cabin when hard  
>>> on the
>>> pedal which I noticed at lunch time today. I popped the hood open  
>>> and it
>>> seemed to be coming from the passenger side between the headlight  
>>> and the
>>> air-box. I can see a fuel line behind the air-box that goes  
>>> underneath but not
>>> sure where its going to. I will investigate when I get home  
>>> tonight. Any
>>> ideas before then?
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can anybody educate me on how the whole thing works? My take on this is 
as follows:
The Bleeder Valve vents the fumes to the Charcoal Canister. The charcoal 
in the canister absorbs the fumes. Is its capacity infinite? Does it 
ever get saturated? Cuz if not, then gluing the Bleeder Valve back 
together would seems to be the most cost effective way of dealing with 
this issue.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros
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