[s-cars] S6 Heated Door Mirrors

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Fri Oct 20 21:15:26 EDT 2006

Hi Bob:

I double checked the owner's manual and it says that the heated mirrors
automatically switch on at low outside temperatures, but it does not state
what temp.


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> > Iain:
> >
> > On the S6 (not sure about the S4) the heated mirror only
> > comes on when the
> > outside temperature is below a certain criteria. I seem to
> > recall its around 5
> > celcuis. There is no user switch.
> >
> > The downside to this, is that they will always be on in the
> > winter months and
> > the element tends to burn out.
> >
> > Sean D.
> Maybe that's a later model year thing.  What does your owner's manual
> say?  My '95 S6 definitely doesn't do this.  They are tied into the rear
> defroster switch and both should heat up rather quickly.  The rear
> defroster switch itself is on a 10 minute timer so they won't stay on
> permanently.  Don't know why they would wire the mirrors to be
> permanently heated when below a certain temp.  Makes no sense since you
> only need to warm them up for about 30 secs or so and then you're
> usually done for the rest of your drive.  Though I've heard comments
> that some of the VWs of that era were wired that way too.
> Iain - if you're having intermittent function maybe you have a wiring
> issue.  I have a Euro aspherical driver's side mirror as well and I've
> never had any issues with it heating up when called on.

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