[s-cars] New-to-me '92 S4

Wylie Bean theringmeister at triad.rr.com
Sat Oct 21 12:04:13 EDT 2006

Hello All,
Just wanted to post-up and ask a few questions about my newly-aquired '92 
S4.  It's tornado red with black leather. AZ/CA car. First, the rear brake 
pads are done.  Anybody have any reasons why I shouldn't stick with stock 
pads?  I don't plan on tracking the car anytime soon, if ever.  I've seen 
lots of alternatives @ ECSTuning.com but don't know of any reasons to vary. 
Also, I've read a little on the knowlegebase about wheel bearings and know 
about how notoriously bad the trannies can be.  I'm having a roaring sound 
that doesn't seem to change with the clutch engaged or disengaged, nor does 
it seem to change when turning.  The car has 123K and is shod with 225/50/16 
Dunlop SP8000's, which although they've got decent tread, look a little old. 
I'm wondering if they're the root of the problem, or it could be wheel 
bearings or even a propshaft or diff issue.  I hope it's not the latter. 
The rears had 35psi and fronts 30psi when I bought it, and I drove it from 
San Diego to Greensboro NC this week like that.  I let the rears out down to 
32psi, and the issue "seems" to not be as noticable, especially at highway 
speeds.  I guess I need to drive the car a little more an see what speeds it 
might be happening, and also if it matters if the car/fluids are cold or 

Lastly, there's an intermittent check engine light, comes on pretty 
randomly, but mostly on acceleration.  The p.o. said he pulled the codes and 
it was coming up for the ISV.  I haven't experienced any idle problems 
whatsoever.  I don't notice any change in the way the car's running when it 
comes on.  I'll find some time this week to pull them myself and find out if 
anything different is coming up.

That's it for now.  I'm sure I'll come across more things, but at this point 
I'm enjoying the car immensely.

Wylie Bean
TheRingmeister at triad.rr.com
90 Cq (started the whole sickness)
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01 allroad quattro (wife's)
92 UrS4 

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