[s-cars] Cracked Big Brake Brackets - ECS Stage 2

Mtgadbois at aol.com Mtgadbois at aol.com
Mon Oct 23 22:12:12 EDT 2006

Previous emails were:
Mike Fitton wrote:
> Anyone know how the fitment of the 993t calipers  compares to the 996t 
> calipers?  I'm much more interested in the  monoblocs, but I'm not sure 
> if that interest can be at the expense of  good brackets.  Can I have 
> both?  Please?

>  Also, what are the chances that the 323s will fit under the stock  wheels?

Get the 993tt (or the 928gts which are the reversed 993tt), Mike.  The 
996 are shorter but fatter. They will not fit under the OEM 6-spoke S6  
wheels, whereas the 993tt over the S8 rotors will fit with about 2mm to  
spare radially.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

My 2  cents:
This topic has come at a very appropriate time.  You are forcing me to  
document my brake upgrade (with pictures).  Since I subscribe to the  compiled list 
and not the individual posts I will post this stuff on the other  Audi site 
and notify this list.  I just completed my "brake upgrade"  with adaptors from 
Germany on Boxster S brakes with Brembo rotors.  the  adaptors are cast parts 
impeccably done.  My setup fits under 16" Avus  wheels with about 5 mm to 
spare.  I developed my own brake lines from  factory Porsche parts.  Why did I do 
this - cause I think 4 pages of  legalese from BIRA is BS.  Plus it never 
responded to any of my  inquiries.
Mark near Chicago

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