[s-cars] S-CAR-List Digest, Vol 36, Issue 85

Kurt Deschler desch at alum.wpi.edu
Thu Oct 26 16:28:51 EDT 2006


You can see the cable on the right side if you look up from to under the 
car and you can reach it from the bottom.


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> Subject: [s-cars] hood latch
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> Hello,
>  I am having problems with my hood latch in my 95 S6 and hope that someone
> can give me some advice. I was doing some work in the engine and during the
> process had to take off the metal bracket that the hood sits down on and the
> hood latch cord wraps around. When I put the peice back on and reattached
> the hood latch cord and put the hood down and now the latch doesn't work to
> open it and neither does prying out the plastic botton in front and pulling
> on it. Any advice how to get around this. Thanks.
> Martin

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