[s-cars] Brutal Review of the New S6

Steve Powers sbpowers at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 14:20:48 EDT 2006

Hap -

> That's also less than the $45,165 standard MSRP of the urS4 back in 1993. But
> hey, who's countin dem dollahs anyway???

I am.

We bought our S6 Avant new in late '95. We paid roughly $44K then and
I'd guess I could get a quick $15K for it today. That works out to
about $2600/yr, ignoring fuel, upgrades and maintenance. I think
that's pretty reasonable for a car with this level of performance.

Show me another one where the math works out so well. It won't be
anything new from Audi.

Steve Powers

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