[s-cars] LAF Weakend JNR report - E60 ///M5

Mike P (530) mlped at qwest.net
Sun Apr 1 11:19:35 EDT 2007

Having spent the last weekend at Heartland Park in Topeka chasing, being
chased by a St. Louis gentleman in a (? color) is it the Titanium or meteor
gray RS6, I heartily second Scott's observation, "No Virginia, you can still
be fat as Santa Clause AND considered a fast girl."  Individual lap for lap,
that thing was moving.  I think the remaining Achilles' heel is in
sustainability.  I suspect that after 3 or 4 consecutive really hard laps
the larger cars tires, and depending on setups etc. brakes may start to go
away a bit faster.  I suspect a good portion of the experience must have
been the driver of the RS6.  Seems to me that last time I ran with one on a
track outside of Las Vegas, the Rx8 didn't have that much of a problem in
catching the California RS6 .... or maybe I'm just not as quick in the damn
Cayman as I could be in the Rx8.  

Nice write up Paul.  Now, all this uber speed testing took place on just
exactly what :-), high speed track facilities?   Oh, I know, the JNR place
just down the road, ..... right next to the county lock up.


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>great read...  Highly suggest the S600 as a comparo per
>Teddy's  suggestion.  
>The world of ground based gulfstream private jets is way  
>beyond the RS6 we 
>have to date.  That M5 is chasing the S600, way beyond  what 
>we audifiles are 
>used to...
>Or, put simply from one of my long ago posts, finding fun in
>dancing with a  
>Miss Piggy, doesn't require you put a bag over her head anymore.
>Again, nice report.
>Scott J
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>JNR, as usual.  I highly recommend trying this at home  kids.

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