[s-cars] The undead brake sensor

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Mon Apr 2 10:17:17 EDT 2007

It's a continuous loop sensor, Mark.  It reads like you have been
working on the drivers side wheel.  Check the passenger side for
continuity as well, since the loop starts there, IIRC.  I think you can
better short the system from that side as well.


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> Hi all,
> Recently my car ('93 //S4, 183k miles) started giving me a brake  
> warning
> indicator on my dashboard. This is the one on the "computer" display,
> not the red idiot light. I figured it was either worn brakes (10%
> likely) or flaky Audi electronics (90% likely).
> My brakes are fine. So, I figured it must be a problem with the  
> sensor.
> Upon further examination, a previous owner had disabled the sensor,  
> and
> their jumper had corroded to the point where it broke. Okay, no  
> problem,
> I figured...I'll just re-do the jumper and all will be well.   Not so
> easy, as it turns out...after doing this, the warning didn't go away.
> Fine, I thought...I'll just trace the wire further back and short the
> sensor further "upstream."  After tracing the wire through the engine
> compartment, I found a connector near the coolant overflow bottle and
> jumpered there. HA! Still no luck, the light will not go away.
> So, where does this blasted sensor originate? I'll pull the instrument
> cluster and jumper the damnable thing at the source if I have to, I  
> just
> want the light to go out. Do I have to clear this with a VAG-COM,  
> or am
> I just not going far enough back in the circuit to get around wherever
> the broken wire is?
> Thanks for any advice!
> Marc

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