[s-cars] RS4 / Gumball rally event anyone know of in Metro NY area going on?

Don Warren wrc_quattro at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 2 10:27:21 EDT 2007

Ok,so I'm driving back with my brother from NJ to CT Sunday around 11am via Palisades pkwy and see some interesting eye candy along the way to start. Come upon a All BLK Porsche and the badges on the back under the whale-tail say "RUF GT". Think it was maybe a 993 series, but I am not sure. Can't seem to find it in a google search, but it looked nice and stealthy. Then see a Lambo Diablo VT, Purple- ouch, this drive is starting to be good now. Heading 287 east now, cross the Tappan Zee bridge and about to pay a toll, when I look into my rear view mirror and see a wonderful sight coming real quick with 4 rings, Nagaro Blue RS4//.WOW what a stance this car has and it made every other car near it look the same. So he goes thru the EZ pass toll, while, I'm trying to figure out how to catch up and give my $4 to the toll taker quickly,he immediately crosses over 10 lanes to the right side brake down area like a rocket and was think something happened to him, but as the film
 rolled I see some flashing lights on a NY Statey, Tahoe no less, and next to it is a Charcoal F430 with the guy not looking to happy at this time. Blue RS4 guy slows and has a 5 second chat while the F430 guy holds his arms out in a "I don't know what happened" position while Mr. Statey is writing an expensive one I'm sure. Now Blue RS4// guy bolts ahead of me and gets into the exit lane for Saw Mill Pkwy north, can't keep up, but 2 miles in we see another Statey on the side of the road, lights a blazing, ok were thinking Blue RS4// guy got one too. No way, its a Black RS4// that is pulled over!!. Blue Rs4// guy we now now catch up too as he slowed way down and had his hazard's on. Now I'm thinking there was some sort of BullRun thing going on after we noticed that these 2 Audi cars had some sort of sticker on their doors, but too small and could not make out what was written on it. Great drive and thinkin if I had 75k I'd buy one in Nagaro Blue, but does anyone know of an
 Audi event going on around there?

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