[s-cars] Late Model S6 Ignition Keys

Dave Forgie forgied at ae.ca
Thu Apr 5 10:25:40 EDT 2007

Eric: You could be right. My "sample" of cars that work with switchblade
remotes was Sean Douglas's 97 S6 and my 98 C4 A6 avant. It could be a
frequency thing where the 96 spec cars (including the 95.5s) used a
different one than the 97 and up.

Dave F.

>>> "Eric Rechlin" <eric at hpcalc.org> 4/5/2007 5:26 AM >>>
> For those with the "side winder" type ignition/door keys, you
> know that the "switch blade" remotes can work. (There is also a way
> get the normal keys to work with the switch blade RF remote).

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the switch blade remote
worked with the 1997 cars.  I recall reading that the switch blade
remote is 
not compatible with the RF system in the 1996 cars (which also have the

side-cut keys).


Eric Rechlin 

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