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Speaking of burbles, I goaded (or is that Goated?) an 04 GTO into becoming
my Rabbit on my trip home from visiting my Mom downstate yesterday, whilst
driving the Saabaru. I'm pretty sure he really didn't try too awful hard
'cuz I really had no difficulty keeping up with him. But that SOUND. It
'twas special. The big question while travelling the upstate highways was
which car was a bigger sleeper, the black Goat or the Grey Saabaru.
Fortunately, never had to find out, 'cuz patrols were light to non-existant
both on the trip downstate and back all weekend long. Of course, somehow, I
don't think the sound of a GM V8 quite matches the sound of the Maser....


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> Rich voyered:
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> Subject: [s-cars] CEO car (Quattro... sort of)
> Today at work we had an off-site "state of the union" meeting with the
> president of our company (UTC Power), which makes fuel cells and other
> on-site power products.  The highlight of today's meeting was a visit by
> George David, CEO of United Technologies, the parent company.  David is
> one
> of the highest paid executives in the U.S..  Several parking spots were
> marked with cones to reserve a spot for his entourage.  I expected black
> chauffeurred limos and bodyguards (this guy would fetch a handsome
> ransom!).
> David showed up late, at the end of the meeting it was announced that a
> new
> transit bus with a just-installed fuel cell power plant would be parked
> outside for employees to see, it was a project that a lot of employees
> worked on and everyone was looking forward to seeing it.
> The bus was nice, but much nicer and more interesting was the car that
> George David drove to the meeting -- a brand new Maserati Quattroporte
> in
> silver.   About half the people ignored the bus and headed right for the
> car
> to gawk at it.  David was nearby talking to someone, when one of the
> union
> shop floor guys yells to David "Can I take it for a ride?".   To
> everyone's
> amazement, David throws him the keys and says "Sure, take it for a
> spin".
> Within two seconds the 3 closest guys to the car jump in and fill up the
> seats.
> The shop guy starts it up, it had just the nicest burbling exhaust sound
> you've ever heard, people were ooh'ing and wow'ing.   But he was
> obviously
> having a hard time getting it into gear, finally he yells out the window
> "How do I put it in reverse?  It's not like an American car!".   The
> crowd
> laughed as David patiently explained how to get it in gear.
> As he pulls out, the shop guy narrowly misses the curb as the crowd
> cringes,
> leaving David behind on the parking lot with two briefcases, but didn't
> seem
> too fazed by his executive decision to entrust these guys with his car.
> They were only gone a couple of minutes, the Maserati deftly pulled into
> the
> spot and stopped about 2 inches from the curb.  Again the crowd cringes.
> The 4 guys jumped out with the biggest smiles I'd ever seen and politely
> thanked the CEO.
> Who says executives all ride in black limos with chauffeurs?  If you see
> a
> silver Maserati on the road in the Hartford area, check out who's
> driving
> it!  No vanity plates though...  no tinted glass either.
> -- Rich A.
>    '93 S4 Quattro non-porte>>>
> \
> Wow, great recount Rich - sounds like he sure made someone's day huh???
> Crazy!  Great story.  Heh, "Quattro non-porte"...  good one!
> I'll keep an eye out for it.  He must live in the area here, no?  CT
> tags?  Pretty neat.  Dig them cars, been trying to push a buddy into
> being dumb and getting one heh heh.  Never know.
> Baloney:  Careful, I resemble them thar remarks, I might.
> -Paul have cones / will travel K.
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