[s-cars] BAM!

pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Thu Apr 12 11:53:22 EDT 2007

Dooood...  TOTALLY!!!!  A perspective better seen in this one a bit
further back http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/86747/s8__m5_rear_2.jpg
really.  It f'n DWARFS my f'n car!!!  
That was (part of) the source of all my "WTF" about it during my write
up.  It's farquing HUMONGOUS - and one of the veryfew cars that can make
a D2 look downright small.  Like an A4 almost.

Carazy stuff.  Again, WTF?!?  It's _huge_...


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	To: Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK)
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	Looks like the M5 needs a diet!  ;-)
	Darin Nederhoff

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