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What do you hear all the time, that, "it's certainly not as wide" or "on
paper, it's not as long either"??? 

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No...  it's certainly not as wide (on paper IIRC mine's +8" - boy do I
seem to hear that all the time I do).  
But, it's stature is *so* damn friggin TALL it literally towers over my
car.  On paper it's not as long either, but it sure looks it side to
side.  Same wheelbase!  And the width of mine somehow gets absorbed next
to the thing.  Mostly it's due to the things high waistline.  

Agreed, "pedestrian" E60s don't look big.  Something about the flares
and spoilers and 19's on the thing, or something and stuff and things.
I think.
I defy you to tell me that 2nd pic thar doesn't f'n diminutivizify
Alumibitch.  Tellin' ya - its UNCANNY.
Ponderifying the thing again last night, see alot of Mazda 3 in the
greenhouse lines.  And a lot of Mitsopizzo Evo in the hood/fender
stance.  Weird.  It's definitely overstyled, but it somehow works on
that car - at least in that color.  Them confounded tail lights, man,
from a side profile next to my car you realize exactly how far they
stretch down the side of the car.  Blech.
-Paul tellin it like he seez it K.


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	It's not as wide is it?
	I see E60 5 series on the road all the time and they don't look
particularly large. I think they're a fair bit smaller than the C6 A6,
which is about as long as a SWB A8 (D3) but narrower. 
	The D3 A8 is pretty wide. From what I can remember, D2s are
pretty wide, too.
	On 4/12/07, pkrasusky at ups.com <pkrasusky at ups.com> wrote: 

		Dooood...  TOTALLY!!!!  A perspective better seen in
this one a bit 
		further back
		really.  It f'n DWARFS my f'n car!!!
		That was (part of) the source of all my "WTF" about it
during my write 
		up.  It's farquing HUMONGOUS - and one of the veryfew
cars that can make
		a D2 look downright small.  Like an A4 almost.

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