[s-cars] NYIAS weekend recap

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Mon Apr 16 10:49:17 EDT 2007


NYIAS, my first experience of *any* major auto show.  The show?  Meh.
Too many ahem dirtypeople clogging the shoulder room, and sadly (ok
fortunately) for me, I strive for daily life to be NYIAS but with gas /
rubber being burnt so pardon my jadedness.  

But there were a few highlights.  The first will be the last - the
commute.  We BOMBED down Rt. 15 in der //S8, I chucked the keys to my
personal mechanic Bob Rossato and jumped in back mit 500E Jimmaaaay to
properly enjoy the execujetlimo experience.  GA(!!!) resident and
apparent insane asylum escapee Tom Saltino flew up to grab shotgun.
More later. 

At the show, highlights were (even if I didn't own and Audi) the R8.  To
me it was the most exciting car there, and near the most significant.
Yeah the 599GTB was surprisingly better looking in person than expected,
but their Display Chic unfortunately (fortunately) overshadowed that.
Scaglietti?  Bleh.  I'm sure it drives nice.

Man, my first R8 in person.  Ohboyohboy can Paul not wait to get grubby
paws (and shoes) in that.  Sigh.  An awe inspiring machine.  I'll get
back to Audi later.

What else.  The XKR sure is sexy.  I hate the way they effectively
rebadged an Aston Martin but it works and looks like fun.  Headliner out
of a Mercury Sable on an otherwise snootily clad / equipped / capable
car???  C'mon.

MB's CLK63 on rotisserie.  I pondered parting with a danglyone  for
that.  Bet that's a box 'o FUN!

The Maybach 63S was too overwhelmed with every NBA / NFL / Gangsta
wannabe to even get a glimpse of it.  Good thing I've already JNR'd a
bunch heh heh.  Sexxxxxxxxxxy in black tho!  Oddly enough we saw a non-S
62 in traffic with Jersey tags as we walked back to my car after.

Near the same case with the pair of Lambo's.  Could barely even see
them, good thing we know certain secret handshakes (those sure do come
in handy).  Murciellago and ragtop, both clad white mit black
steamroller wheels.  That whaledong of a centerpipe could swallow my
entire CRANIUM - I'm imagining that @ WOT I am - tittyhardons!

Maserati's new coupe is neat but I like the Quattroporte's lines better
- less Maco Shark is a good thing.  Gots to whoop on one of dem someday
I do, bet they're a hoot.

Ponticrap's G8 sure is intriguing.  Besides raping BMW's dual kidney
grille and near pulling it off better, the thing packs content and
capability.  Hopefully it'll execute like the GTO I autox'd but better,
the variables sure are present in promise.  Roped off unfort.

WTF Volvo is doing surrounding their rear bumper reflectors with silver
trim like a Silverado SS's front intakes is beyond comprehension.
VOMIT!  And don't get me going on Slaab 9-5's Battlestar Galactica Silon
Raider headlight chrome surrounds.  Ruins an otherwise nicely lined car.

Porsche?  Targa 4S I'm sure is fun but why not just call it a sunroof?
Lotta coin to boot.  Me I'll just await Aug. arrival of bestest friends'
997GT3RS muwhahahahahaa.  Er, sorry.

Back to Audi - //S5?  Trying to keep up with the Jones' apparently.
Jones' being BMW and Bangle.  It looks "ok", I guess.  Rear roof line
off a Honda Accord, conflicting lines, overly BMW character line down
side and into hood, etc.  

//S8 on the otherhand?

Now not just b/c I own a D2 - but - ooooooooooy vey!!!  I've sat in one
and seen another on road before, however this thing simply screams SEXY
at you.  And boy does it stand out from the rest of the show.  How?  In
its stance / stature.  It's f'n slung LOW!  Like cowl line at crotch
height as opposed to der ///M5's at my near-navel.  Weird.  Definitely a
show highlight.

Der //S6 was at least open - VERY nice Recaro's!!!  Dig it.  Great
cockpit, really can't wait to wail on one sometime.

If you're still reading, waiting for the real show highlight???

The CT / NYC / CT commute.  Rt. 15 twists and turns in 2 lane truckless
splendor down through the "Gold Coast" of CT.  It's a beauteous stretch
that funnels you into NY in style, and Bob sawed away at the wheel in
fervor all the while us backseaters watched a D bodied car suck it all
up with aplomb and grip and comfort in reserve.  There's near no body
roll, the wheelbase, track, and 245/18Y's seemingly absorb everything.

WHAT an experience back there, 2nd to the driver seat!  Uh, can't crack
Scotch up there tho 8-).  Four 6'+ adults behind tinted double paned
glass with outstretched legs on a JNR commute (and it's said ***I***
drive like a nut???).  What a trip, what great friends I fortunate to
share this stuff with.  Good times!

Anywho, that's the long and the short of it - through warped twisted and
somewhat blurry eyes that is...

ps.  Beware Bob!

-Paul not particularly right K.
CT - every day is NYIAS day

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