[s-cars] Replacing starter - helpful tricks?

cody at 5000tq.com cody at 5000tq.com
Mon Apr 16 19:17:50 EDT 2007

Quoting Tom Winter <tom at freeskier.com>:
> My "replacing the starter" experience is limited to that 4000 and two other
> 5000 tq avants that I owned. Both the 4000 and one of the 5000 were from
> places where they salted the roads in winter.
> My S6 is also from one of those places and I'm sure the bolts will have a
> bit of rust. This fact doesn't make me happy.

How very ironic. I did a starter on both an urS4 and a '91 200q20vt  
today. The //Starter is in the exact same spot as on the other cars,  
but removing the wheel won't help much. The older car has 19mm heads  
on the bolts, but the S-car has 16mm heads on the bolts. Bottom one is  
a bolt with a nut, top one is just a bolt. It's tricky, but you can  
get at the hardware without much headache. I used a 6" extension to  
bring the ratchet behind the axle which gave a touch of extra swing  
room, and I had to put a 2ft bit of pipe on my 15" ratchet to break  
the upper bolt loose.

Get some PB Blaster or In-Force and soak the hardware while the engine  
is cooling off before you do the job. Either of those products will  
kick the rust's ass by the time you are ready to go at it ;-).

-Cody Forbes

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