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Paul "Bobbed,"
Just don't "Bob it" raises yet more questions...
I 'spose you're right... and perhaps I should give it a try.  I just can't imagine braking into a corner without downshifting.  In fact, I'm so totally acclimated to stick cars, I have (on several occasions) nearly put myself through the windshield "clutching" a rental car's brake pedal by accident.
Ever since Ronan, I have been enthralled by the car.  I guess I should just ask the parts geeks... there must be a 6 speed retrofit that could be accomplished with relative ease, and off the shelf parts.
Then there's that annoying Audi V8 problem... they don't sell rebuild parts for the bottom end of those engines.  That shouldn't even be legal.
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Dave Aluminum'd: 
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You know... the S8 is a flat out fabulous looking car.  But I just can't make the leap.  How does one go from an UrS to an S8 without suffering at least some pain?  It has a slushbox... and it DOESN'T have the all important hairdryer. 
I'm not 20 anymore, but I still can't imagine driving an automatic.  If there were a reasonable way to convert it to a 6 speed... I might consider.  As is, I just can't do it yet.
Random ramblings.... 
Dave (in Ar-Kansas)>>> 

Heh heh heh… 
Well, Dave…  I assume you've read my rants and raves over the past 6 months since "the switch".  I am a die hard shift junkie - hate shitomatics with a passion.  Does it matter in this car?  Sure, it'd be "better" with a proper gearbox.  But that wasn't the question.  Does it MATTER?  

Not a single solitary iota.  To me at least.

See, there are simply SO many other compelling factor the car presents that farfar overshadow the gearbox.  There hasn't been one single day yet I'm not utterly giddy to get into mine, heck, even sit and look at mine or sit in mine for that matter.  It's *that* f'n gnarly.  The "pain" you refer to is very much masked in all the other awesomeness the experience contains.

Drive one!  In anger! 
Driving big cars fast is COOL heh heh. 
I've said this before and I'm now going to say it again, seeing as the "list" just grew longer:  Take note of "who's" switched over to them.  All a bunch of trackjunkie WOT redline petrolhead GAMERS.  Bruce, Edweirdo, me, Keith, Manny, Mark…  and now…  Mikey Platt.  Look into each of these dorks' garages or historical ownership / driving experiences and tell me if you see the pattern.  It's abundantly clear to me.  Gamers dig these cars 8-).  I don't know enough about Gisli's past (other than coming out of a UrS4 4.2 Avant) or Jim Levitan (A8L formerly).  Makes NINE here now - nutty!
Maybe one of them GAMERS will chime in heh heh. 
Anywho… hope that complicates things for ya!  HA!

Kidding aside, go out and whoop on one.  Business travel your way up here and you can have at mine - why not - everyone else has!  Just don't "Bob it"!  Tho, beware, DANGER WILL ROBINSON!  In the 6mos of my car being here - it's been "over to the side of the road" (d'oh!) 5x now - and only 3 of which were mine (and 2 of them were for "rolling" stops).  MUwahahahahahaa…
-Paul dooooo eeeeeeeeeet K. 

ps.  mods are CHEAP thus far, to boot! 
pps.  Bruce Bell's Avus Silver pic is da BOMB!  He's got quite the arsenal out there in CO, to boot!  UrQ, UrS, B7 //S4, //S8, etc.  Nutcase!
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