[s-cars] Urgent-High Pressure J Hose needed

manuelsanchez at starpower.net manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Thu Apr 19 18:13:51 EDT 2007

Tom, Thanks. The hose is off and on it's way to Spokane HoH. I spoke with Jay Greene as you suggested, he said he could turn it around in one day.

Keep your fingers crossed for UPS Saturday delivery for me. Hey Paulie, can't you call someone in brown shorts for me to escort this thing to and fro?


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>A local shop may be able to a satisfactory job.  Since the crimps are  
>not re-useable, they have to cut them off and braise new ends for the
>replacement hose.  You will have to make sure the orientation of the  
>ends remains the same and the length does not change.  Otherwise,
>you will have to twist and bend the hose to fit it in place, if even  
>possible, and will have a stress on the hose.   You will want to slip  
>insulator on the new hose before the ends are installed, hopefully  
>with all the oil removed.
>The HOH solution is to braise a coupling that can swivel at each hose  
>connection.  They just remove the restrictor from the hose section and
>braise it in one end.  The replacement hose is probably not exactly  
>the same inside diameter and so won't hold the restrictor on the plastic
>tube in place.
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>> Yes, Brian Powell is, I sent him an email but have not heard  
>> anything yet.
>> Mark, have you ever used that Cauliflower (sp?) place here in the  
>> Dc area, Kent, these guys are our local hydraulic repair shop. I  
>> went around looking for hydraulic repair shops when I sprung a leak  
>> on the fuel lines running to the fuel rail. They wouldn't do the  
>> job, probably due to liability issues. They kinda pissed me off at  
>> the time because they wouldn't do it.
>> -manny

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