[s-cars] "The Aluminum Crowd" / Current UrS prices

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is your S4 avant a tip or manual?  did you install the hybrid K04s yourself?

B5 S4 avant, tip (unfortunately)

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> Hap, 
>  I can 
> 't help from asking why you don't just get a 2000 S4? No esp and with a chip
> you get the same power as you A4 with all that work. I know I know, I as you
> know love the reliable power of the I5T but having a stage 3+ B5 S4 avant now
> has made me realize how old these cars are. I love my wife's RS2'd Avant but
> there is no comparison in the power band. Even with the small RS2 turbo there
> is way more lag than my hybrid K04 S4. Anyway, just another conversation
> thread.
> Elijah 
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> Scott, Taka and Dave
> I've been following this thread with interest. As Dave knows, I now own a 
> 99.5 A4 1.8tqm as a daily driver. This car will never replace my S4 but it
> sure 
> is a nice drive. What's really nice about the car is that it has the visual 
> cues of the latest B5 cars without drive by wire or ESP. I bouight it with a
> ton 
> of tasteful exterior and engine mods. The kid who owned it really wanted a B5
> S4 and made his A4 look like one to include front bumper and side 
> trim/moldings. The engine is K04ed with AMS SW, FMIC, Testpipe, 5 bar FPR and
> stock 
> injectors and it pulled 199.6hp/226.5tq on a Superflow chassis dyno earlier
> this 
> week. Here at altitude, the little K04 just ran out of breath too early for
> me 
> so 
> its going under the knife next week to receive a Sportec specced tubular mani
> and a Sportec built K-16 based turbo that will max at 360 crank hp which 
> should equate to 300 ATW. The early hit on the K04 is really nice but this
> setup 
> should be close. I'm matching it with 630cc injectors, a 90mm Lightning MAF, 
> larger 3x12x20 FMIC, full time wideband O2 system, EGT, adjustable FPR and
> Chris 
> Tapp 93/100 octane tuning.
> The car has a little over 100,000 miles and the stock sport suspension is 
> just too soft and worn. Waiting for install are a set of Bilstein Sports and 
> Eibach springs. It already has a set of H-Sport sway bars with all the nicer 
> after 
> market control arms and other suspension bits. I also really like the cloth 
> Sport seats in these cars. They really grip. The brakes are actually pretty 
> good with A8 rotors and tt carriers in front, larger rears also and SSlines
> all 
> around. This car just might make it to Steamboat next year Scott. Anyway, its
> a 
> lot of fun for minimal bucks. 
> Hap, wit dakine lil car thoughts not from Evahboost, Maguire
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