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Fri Apr 20 11:09:35 EDT 2007

Bill, it calls for a 4mm pin, I usually use a drill bit with locktite red,  
and cut it down so that more than half the pin crosses the sensor.  DO NOT  USE 
A ROLL PIN FOR THIS.  We had a field repair at Steamboat when a roll  pin got 
hot and fell out.  Not fun.  Also, if the pin sheared off, I  usually drill a 
hole just above the stocker and space up the sensor with some  washers.
Also, the trans doesn't need to come out for the FW pin, but it does for  
your TOB however.  
Scott J
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wmahoney at disk.com writes:

Hey  Mark..

And so it goes..

T/O bearing debris got into the wrong  place and sheared off the ignition
pointer sensor (a steel pin) on the  flywheel.

Would you or anyone have knowledge or a good guess of the  dimension of this…
or be able to measure one on a flywheel lying  around???

I am mostly concerned with the dimension from the top of the  pin to the
flywheel.   IOW the distance it sticks out from the  flywheel.

Thanks for any help.

Bill~we are experiencing  technical difficulties of a very bad luck nature~M


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