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That would be a balance weight
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>> There  was / is a pin on the flywheel to indicate TDC.
>> If it's missing, no  start...
>> Don't even ask me how I know...
> I've got an urS4 on my lift right now which had a metal rectangular
> shaped "something" come loose of the flywheel. I say "something"
> because there is some debate as to if it is purely a ballance weight,
> or if it is what the TDC sensor uses to generate it's signal. It is
> very clear that it used to be welded to the flywheel, no clue how it
> came off. Any way arround it when the "something" came off of the
> flywheel it damaged one of the referance sensors and in the end wedged
> between the starter and the ring gear, seizing the engine.
> Bottom line: If theres no signal from the sensor make sure whatever
> pickup is still there. It seems that a somewhat scary number of people
> have experianced failure of the pickup.
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