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 I agree to a point but since Hap has focused so much time and money in the heavy pushing urs4 I just thought the B5 S4 would be right up his alley and the B5 S4 is a much better handling car than the urs. I will be tracking my Avant next week and will be able to tell more after that but for now its just road feel. You are a small car small HP guy so I am not surprised at your take but I was just wondering about Haps. Anyway, he has a monster in the closet so maybe he doesn't need another :-)
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After driving the 1.8/2.0 and 2.7tt, I prefer the lighter weight of the 4bangered chassis myself.  They also seem to be a lot free-er reving  motors.  The S4 can take the HP pretty high up the scale, but it really feels heavy to me in spirited driving, much more noticeable at the track.  I really think there is good reason for these monster 2.0 motors we are seeing out there.  
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I can 
't help from asking why you don't just get a 2000 S4? No esp and with a chip you get the same power as you A4 with all that work. I know I know, I as you know love the reliable power of the I5T but having a stage 3+ B5 S4 avant now has made me realize how old these cars are. I love my wife's RS2'd Avant but there is no comparison in the power band. Even with the small RS2 turbo there is way more lag than my hybrid K04 S4. Anyway, just another conversation thread.


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