[s-cars] Mmmm, shifty business...

Matt Russell skippertgore at msn.com
Sat Apr 21 09:17:06 EDT 2007

On Friday, April 20, 2007, at 10:36  AM, SJ wrote:
> Taka
> I believe that you find the goodness of the machine, and that a   
> manual
> trans can make some machines better, but many times it doesn't do a  
> thing, and
> more often (these) days, a manual can take away from the  goodness of 
> the
> machine.


>  I believe that  is
> because the trans defines the character of the car.  If it's 'out of
> character', it loses it's appeal.
> I've learned to respect the choice by some of the manufacturers to  
> recognize
> that as well.
> cheers
> SJ

Nice discussion, guys...  *raises glass*...

Now, how about a few more data points for those of us with 3 year olds 
who don't have time for test rides... ;-)

03 S6 avant... poor driver with the slushbox?  (Probably heavy, is my 
guess, going back to your points, Scott.)

how about the new A3/S3? isn't that available with the same DSG the R32 

.. Although depreciation hasn't brought either of these to an 
affordable level yet (S6 is close), i'm filing away for future 

Course the other thing I'm considering is a 1.8t A4 avant for the wife, 
as I've seen them for way less than 10 grand.

For me, I'll continue to fix the urS4, and probably "settle" with a new 
FJ1300R  in another year or 2.

-Matt, CO
92 s4
83 Seca 900

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