[s-cars] Why aren't any of us driving TT's?

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sat Apr 21 09:51:32 EDT 2007

davekase at pdqlocks.com wrote:
> I have thought it might be nice to get TT sedan sometime.  They are good
> looking (I realize this is an opinion) and turbo powered.  AND! they are
> getting cheap enough that I can afford one.
> This is THE 5 cylinder turbo forum but many drive other Audi's.  Why no TT's?
> Let the discussion begin...

(I shouldn't get sucked into this, but...)

For me, they're not cheap enough yet. Plus, I like having 4 doors and luggage
space. And then there is the Haldex. I don't think it compares to T*rsen.

Kent McLean
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