[s-cars] Why aren't any of us driving TT's?

Bill Noland wenoland at pacbell.net
Sat Apr 21 10:06:09 EDT 2007

I considered a Roadster back when they first came out (really liked the 
Coupe, but wanted the removable lid). Stealers were gouging in a very big 
way -- about 5 grand over sticker, so I defected to the WMB camp and picked 
up an M Roadster. The M handles better than the TT (though not as well as a 
Boxster) and has a fantastic motor, tranny and brakes. Other than that, the 
TT pretty much has it all over the WMB -- fit and finish, looks, materials, 

Was in Florida last month on business with the wife and we decided to spend 
a day at the Audi Driving Experience/Panoz School at Sebring. School cars 
were all TT Coupes -- 1.8T and 3.2's (for autocrossing). The 3.2's were the 
Special Edition two-tone numbers. They had one that was red with a black 
roof, that looked veeerrryyy nice.

Instructor said the TT's understeered in a big way, when they first got 
them, but some radical tire pressure balancing took care of the problem. I 
was very impressed with the cars and could see having one of the Spec Ed 
cars w/ DSG. But, not really in the market and M Roadster with LOUD B&B 
Triflo exhaust still lots of fun. Besides -- I like having an S car and an M 
car side by side in the garage. Can YOU say S&M?

Now the neu TT just may get me to go shopping a couple or three years from 
now. Appears that Audi is putting a lot more "sports" into this version. A 
TT-S (or TT-RS?) version ought to do the trick.

Bill N
S&M, but no TT's

> I have thought it might be nice to get TT sedan sometime.  They are good
> looking (I realize this is an opinion) and turbo powered.  AND! they are
> getting cheap enough that I can afford one.
> This is THE 5 cylinder turbo forum but many drive other Audi's.  Why no 
> TT's?
> Let the discussion begin...

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