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Sat Apr 21 11:07:35 EDT 2007

Makes sense to me Hap...  Since you still have the I5 beast, and roddy  needs 
one.  He's going after dual duty with his A4q, and he should have the  best 
of both worlds.  He's got yer I5 numbers out of the 2.0liter, and  'ditched' 
the urs4 chassis (pun intended) in favor of one more sporting in  character....
I assure you, I accuse neither of you of growing up.
Scott J
In a message dated 4/21/2007 8:58:51 A.M. Central Standard Time, CaptMagu  


BIG difference in the way I'm approaching my A4 than  Rodney. He's going 
Track Monstah and I'm going daily driver that will see  limited track duty. I'll 
stay with stock internals. My choice of new tubular  manifold and turbo are all 
about area under the torque curve and limited top  end for dirveability. I'll 
save the Green Monstah for hardcore  fun.

Hap, wit dakine driver thoughts not from Evahboost,  Maguire


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