[s-cars] "The Aluminum Crowd" / Current UrS prices

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Now you've done it!  Glad I didn't have MY coffee while reading this,  
otherwise I would surely have soaked my keyboard in the ensuing  
mess.  Scott a small car/ small HP guy?  Surely you jest.  Have you  
ever met Scott when he's in Leland?  Scott has always prefered the  
smaller cars due to their tossability and weight advantage.  Hence he  
likes the Urq and neu S4 chassis cars.  How many times have we called  
our V8 and Ur S-cars ms. Piggy?  There's a reason for that. :-)

Of course, Hap is EXPECTED to Happersize his engine to make Ms. Piggy  
squeel, but these new 4-bangers are so tunable that the little cars  
can quite literally 'Dance" around the track.   BTW, I can say that  
Scott (and I) were somewhat suspicious of the little 4-bangers at the  
beginning, but they have come to prove themselves quite admirably at  
the track, where I have had the pleasure of driving a few with my  
students at Waterford Hills and Brainerd International.

Hopefully I'll see you next weekend at Grattan if I'm in town.


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> Scott,
>  I agree to a point but since Hap has focused so much time and  
> money in the heavy pushing urs4 I just thought the B5 S4 would be  
> right up his alley and the B5 S4 is a much better handling car than  
> the urs. I will be tracking my Avant next week and will be able to  
> tell more after that but for now its just road feel. You are a  
> small car small HP guy so I am not surprised at your take but I was  
> just wondering about Haps. Anyway, he has a monster in the closet  
> so maybe he doesn't need another :-)
> Elijah

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