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 Ok, I saw that coming and in no way did I mean to imply that you were out of touch with performance in Motorsports. The only reason I said you were a small HP small car guy is that in the past you have had big discussions on why we don't need all that power and how a good driver can be faster around the track in a 200hp car that is set up correctly than a 400hp tank like a B5 s4 or URS4. Anyway, glad to hear you have Hanley's motor, I would have bought it if I had the money back when Chris from force 5 had it but timing wasn't right. Any chance you'll be at Gratton Raceway this year? Mike will have the Champion motorsports B5 S4 there, you may have driven it while Dean had it this winter. I hope to get a ride or maybe if I'm lucky a chance behind the wheel. I would like to feel what a B5 S4 Race car feels like compared to my heavy pushing avant. I love the 1.8t's but I'm to much of a power freek to go there, I know they can make good power but they get too laggy for me and s
 eem to still run out of breath over 100mph. To each his own though :-)

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In a message dated 4/20/2007 6:57:10 P.M. Central Standard Time, Elijahallen92 writes:
 ...You are a small car small HP guy so I am not surprised at your take but I was just wondering about Haps. Anyway...
Elijah, I almost spit my coffee laughing at the thought of that statement applied to my namesake.  As one that acquired M. Haney, esq I520vt motor in full ditch rolling regalia.  A motor known, btw, to cause a slight chink in the ascription of 'hapersize' trademarked to der kind man from evergreen.  Chief kibitzer and many miles driven in the LT1Q, the main wrench on Carl Jerritss old M3 eater 5ktq (along with driving a variety of his crazy chariots over the years).  I spent a few fond days over 2 years ago tweeking (er, and testing) a RS6 suspension, exhaust and chip....   
My closet fondness and one of my best motoring memories, of flexing the monster v10 thumper on a old growth redwood apex drive thru the avenue of the giants.  Fellow lister Dave Hackl's first lend of his new ur-Lucifer 79 911T sideways on turn 1 at Road America.  And I sit with an empty nacelle in my 84 urq, with some deviant 20vt motor awaiting transplant.  And my trusty toyota aptly named Res-q, adorns a M90 supercharger to put the torque output of the DOHC 4.5L at something in the neighborhood of 400lb/ft of torque (see Mike P's comments regarding it's steamboat chase of his 430hp black garbage truck).  Many great laughs in Rudack's rally car , Chief mechanic and many drives on a Lehmann tweeked Group A S2, Jim Green's rib-cage crushing 90...  No kind sir, the absence of a first hand ride in the Hapermobile has not dimmed the light of fire....  
I don't take insult however Elijah, only exception.  I've been in competitive motorsport since 1979.  And specific to my more even keeled ponitifcations here, I have been blessed with driving just about every single iteration of quattro chassis and tweek, on the street, in my shop, at the dyno and on the track.  I make the claim after driving a fews 435-450hp S4's, and more of the 1.8-2.0t A4 chassis, that the 4 banger is my 'handling' chassis of choice.  And I rarely ride, but still have in my stable what I refer to as the 'equalizer'.  Whenever I think HP has gotten wild, I fire up the 1400cc detuned raceblock Yamaha FJ I built, and contemplate the thought of breaking my documented 10.05 at 143 into the 9's....  
M Maguire made the right choice, it was inevitable too.  Because I'm afraid that the Hapernizer is a couple years behind Sir Haney, as I know Rod has been fine tuning HP on his 2.0 A4 in the recent months, putting down heady numbers that any I5 20vt would be proud to sport.  I thoroughly enjoy it all Elijah, and deny any implication that I might be remotely out of touch with performance in motorsport.
Tongue in cheek I remain
Slightly stained but thoroughly amused at your charge...
Scott Justusson

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