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 Ok, I saw that coming and in no way did I mean to imply that you  were out 
of touch with performance in Motorsports. The only reason I said you  were a 
small HP small car guy is that in the past you have had big discussions  on why 
we don't need all that power and how a good driver can be faster around  the 
track in a 200hp car that is set up correctly than a 400hp tank like a B5  s4 
or URS4. Anyway, glad to hear you have Hanley's motor, I would have bought  it 
if I had the money back when Chris from force 5 had it but timing wasn't  
right. Any chance you'll be at Gratton Raceway this year? Mike will have the  
Champion motorsports B5 S4 there, you may have driven it while Dean had  it this 
winter. I hope to get a ride or maybe if I'm lucky a chance behind the  wheel. 
I would like to feel what a B5 S4 Race car feels like compared to my  heavy 
pushing avant. I love the 1.8t's but I'm to much of a power freek to go  there, 
I know they can make good power but they get too laggy for me and seem  to 
still run out of breath over 100mph. To each his own though :-)


Try a tweeked 2 liter motor, they are lively and can move the A4 chassis  
quite well.  I haven't driven the race car of the B5 chassis, and I tend to  find 
race car comparos a bit misleading.  I built a really well tweeked  5ktq 
racecar at 2700lbs, but I rarely compare it to any other type 44/C4 road  chassis, 
because weight was shed with such extreme prejudice to task that there  isn't 
much other than skin over a cage.
I doubt I'll make grattan, but the weather right now makes it a tempting  
road trip.  As I last spoke with Dana Thorne, 'Thumper' (the black 930T  with 
carbon fiber) won't be ready, so it would be just for fun, a tough  
You might be over exaggerating my claim of 2oohp, but it did take some 6  
years before Hap finally jumped on my suggestion year ago here that big  block is 
the way to keep miss piggy on her toes...

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