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Naturally, I beg to differ a tad from the below statements.  Miss Piggy is NOT meant to be a track car... that's a given.  But "an expensive fat date on heels" she does not *have* to be.  If you take MP and mod her knowing full well that you're not building a track car, but a potent traveling weapon... then you've really got a pretty cheap date that's fairly light on her feet for a highway cruise missile.
My piggy is a very fun traveling machine... I've put over 130k on her.  70k of those miles have been with an engine that will run her through the 1/4 mile in 12.4 seconds.  All that for about $17000.  Pleasure ROI has been extreme... "eggs" not wasted.  In fact, a large amount of the expensive items thrown at MP will find their way to other projects down the road.
IMO, you CAN'T BUY anything in this realm of power and performance for that kind of money.  I drive many many miles each year.  I have had the opportunity to literally wax dozens of hi-po/hi-dollar vehicles who threw a dismissive glance in MP's direction.  When MP drops the bag of chips, sets down the remote, and jumps out of that Lazy-Boy... you'd better be prepared.
That being said... I think MP's lovers just need to now what she's good at.  She ain't no track star.  But spend 10 or 12 hours with her some day... running open roads with moderate bends... and she'll show you a really good time.
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So, for those who choose to doll her up, the only real choice is a lot of  
makeup sex.  Unfortunately, that makes her an expensive fat date on heels,  as 
I'm sure Mssrs Pederson and McGuire can attest.  
I don't agree that we need the eggs.  I find that proving miss piggy  can be 
fast wastes good eggs in the process.  A lot of folks accept the  fact that 
miss piggy is a great machine, and put their fun dollars elsewhere,  places that 

give more $/pleasure roi.
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