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In 2003 I  had Randy Pobst drive a type 44 track car under my  construct at 
the Frank Beddor Nationals at BIR 
(_http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/37342/5ktqrace1.jpg_ (http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/37342/5ktqrace1.jpg) ).   
13psi 10vt motor, big brakes, corner balanced at 2700lbs.  Now, plenty of S  cars 
and assorted monsters, including Steve Beddor in his Lehmann prepped SQ  
could take the car from turn to turn.  However, when in the BIR twisties,  RP took 
all prisoners, and even Beddor was having trouble catching the brown  turd.  
Randy and I laughed our asses off during the 20 minutes, especially  when I 
told him the engine was a stock 10vt motor running 13psi.  He  understood 
exactly what the car was about, and said so with a big s*i* eating  grin on his 
face.  She's ugly bolemic in contruct, stinky and  loud in your face sounds, a 
true pig dancing, but not a steroid  enhanced dunker.  With a total investment 
probably less than just the money  in your former motor, including trailer and 
My own pride is in a machine that handles with the best of them, without  
resorting to the easy steroid enhancement under the hood.  A different  
perspective in chicago, over by dere.
Scott Justusson  
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She can  be made to handle herself fairly well when properly configured. You 
were  in attendance, I do believe, on a beautiful spring day at PPIR in 
CO when the GM was out embarassing a lot of well heeled track types to  
include Vettes, Vipers, Porsches(one in the form of a GT3), and  Ferraris(to 
a very yellow F360 Stradale). Most of these cars were  trailered or enclosed 
rig hauled to the track. I drove there and got many  a smirking look as I 
the car up to mount the track wheels/tires.  After a couple of runs, guys 
started coming by to ask what that large  green sedan was running out there. 
was all before I went stroker and  installed the Dave Stone coil-over 
More fun to  follow.

Hap, wit dakine track memories not from Evahboost,  Maguire


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